Monday, 3 October 2016

Samsung Re-Launched Note 7 Globally its time for Re Birth of The Phablet.

Samsung re launched their Note 7 yesterday and saying that it won’t have battery issues like previous batch of Note 7 devices. We all knew that some of the Note 7s are exploding and some heating issue due to faulty batteries. So Samsung made global recall of the device and replaced them with new ones, Samsung claims that over 1 million secure devices are shifted worldwide. This is the reason why Samsung has re launched worldwide again. The device will be release in India before Diwali.

Note 7 will now give some serious competition to recently released iPhone 7 and 7 plus. The iPhone 7 is getting mixed responses because it looks same as iPhone 6 and there is no major changes in the hardware also except iPhone 7 plus comes with Dual camera lens and 3GB of RAM. So global recall may not affect the sales of Samsung Note 7.

When it comes to specifications Note 7 Comes with 5.7 inch qHD SAMOLED display, IP68 certification, 4GB RAM and 3500mAh battery. A 12MP Dual pixel camera with dual led flash and 5MP front cam, Iris scanner.

Lets see Note 7 will survive or not this time.


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