Monday, 10 October 2016

Samsung halted Note 7 sales another global recall on the way?

Things not going well for Samsung in the case of note 7 even after global recall. Samsung permanently halted the production and sales of Note 7. Samsung want to find out the issue which causing the device to aver heat and exploding, until Samsung finds the solution there will be no Note 7 in the market. Samsung permanently halted Note 7 sales in Netherlands and other countries will follow soon. Biggest mobile carriers in the U.S like T-Mobile and AT & T also suspended exchanging and sales of the device.

Samsung made a global recall of Note 7 because of exploding issue, this caused Samsung whooping amount of 1.2 billion dollars for shipment. Samsung taught that the shipped devices will work without any problem. Few days after shipment one Note 7 caught fire on a plain the entire plain is evacuated immediately and another incident were reported in Taiwan while the user is walking on road. Here the video which recorded while Note 7 caught fire.
New report suggest that there will be another Global Recall for Note 7 is on the way from Samsung, let’s hope for the best this time.


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