Thursday, 13 October 2016

No more Note 7 samsung permanently stopped production and sales.

Samsung permanently gave up on Note 7, the final recall is on the way. Samsung doesn’t find the reason why the device is exploding company is suggesting Note 7 customers to stop using the device. Samsung also increased the production of S7 edge, it may not replace the Note 7 but Samsung wants to recover the damage that done By Note 7, Samsung also adding a new coral blue colour to S7.

Note 7 costed $17 Billion dollars to Samsung from the time of it's launch. The first recall alone costed around $1.7 Million dollars. After recall Samsung launched over 2.5 Million devices worldwide. Now Samsung want to get back every Note 7 it sold, customers who bought Note 7 is getting safety box from Samsung which is fireproof, customer have to put the device as instructed by Samsung. This box will ensure that device will won’t damage while shipping, But some loyal samsung fans want to keep their Note 7 with them, so we have to wait and see what samsung will do.


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