Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Best Note 7 Accessories you should Buy.

Samsung Relaunched Note 7 after global recall and it available in stores so it is the right time to find the best accessories available for your Note 7. Samsung also offers some official accessories and there also some third party accessories you should buy which are available in the market.

Wireless charger:

Samsung Wireless Charging Stand US Version ($41.99):

Note 7 supports wireless charging, but Samsung won’t give you wireless charge when you purchase Note 7 you have to purchase it separately. It offers fast charging and you can also charge other Samsung devices which supports fast charging, check it out in

Seneo Fast Wireless Charger ($19.99):

Seneo wireless charger offers same functionality’s and it available for half of the price of the Samsung’s charger. It also comes with fast charging capabilities and charges all the devices which supports wireless charging, see it on

Choetech Dual USB Car Charger ($15):

Best car charger available in the market charges two devices simultaneously. It supports quick charge 3.0 and comes with USB type-c cable, check it out here.

Power Bank:

Samsung Note 7 comes with a big 3500mAh battery, but you never knew when your battery will go out of juice so keep a backup power bank with to get extra battery power.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Wireless Charging Battery Cover ($50):

This external battery comes with a capacity of 3100mAh, which delivers a 1A output. This also comes with ip68 rating. It has four LED indicators which shows how much power left. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Wireless Charging Battery Cover is the best wireless accessory you could add to your Note 7.

Alegant Note 7 Battery Case ($35):

It comes with whooping 5000mAh battery, also available in multiple colours. This case doesn’t come with wireless charging support and has LED indicator to indicate battery capacity. If you want more power at less price you should go for Alegant Note 7 Battery Case.


You always need protection to your device because you never know when you drop your phone accidentally or some else drops it, so it’s always good to have protected. Protect your device by shock proof cases which are available under $10.

Holster Dual Layer Case ($9):

This a rugged case for your Note 7 which is available in multiple colours. It has an attachment back which would be used to clip this to your belt and you may use it as a stand while you are watching videos. Holster Dual Layer Case is a good buy under $10.

Supcase Premium Hybrid Protective Clear Case ($16):

If you love looks then ruggedness then this is the one for you, edges of this case is made by shockproof materials and back with high quality glass. Supcase Premium Hybrid Protective Clear Case is available in multiple colours options.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 Keyboard Cover ($36):

If you are uncomfortable with touchscreen typing then buy this physical key board designed by Samsung. It also comes with a back cover and it is easy to detach when eve you want. Samsung Galaxy Note7 Keyboard Cover is only available in black colour.

Samsung Gear IconX ($199):

Nowadays we can’t do anything without listening music if you are the one who hates wires and stuff these are the ones for you and it comes with loads of features like heart rate sensor how much distances you covered by running it will collect all of this information display on app. You may want to try other Bluetooth headphones if your budget is around $200 just go for these headphones. Samsung Gear IconX are available in multiple colour options and sweat resistance too.

Gear fit 2:

It’s a watch and it’s your personal fitness tracker. If your phone is in your pocket or at a distance with gear fit you can respond to notifications, calls and texts. Gear fit 2 is available in multiple colours.

Gear 360°($349):

Here the best Note 7 accessory to play with. Gear 360° is a Samsung’s camera which can record videos snap pictures in 360°. It comes with two wide angle camera lens both of them record same time you have to combine those video clips in software provided by Samsung. If you are social media addict then get a Gear 360° and show off with your 360° pictures and videos.

Memory Card:

Off course Note 7 comes with 64GB but with a camera capable of 4K video recording you never knew when it will be out of storage so it’s always good to have a backup storage. Samsung specially designed a memory card EVO 256GB with faster data rates for Note 7, you can also go for other memory cards shown below.

Samsung EVO 32GB Class 10 Micro SDHC Card with Adapter.

So what are you waiting for just busy these accessories and enjoy with your Note 7.


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