Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Leaked Photos Conforms iris scanner and curved screen.

First hands on review of Galaxy Note 7.

The Unveiling of Note 7 from Samsung not so far and some live photos of the Note 7 leaked online, you can see the pictures below. By seeing the picture we can conform some of the specs.

The hottest feature that will come to our thoughts is does Samsung will introduce iris scanner in Note 7? Well the answer is by observing the below picture we can definitely assume that Note 7 will be the world’s first phone to have an iris scanner. In the below picture you can easily see three lenses on top of the device one is going to be Selfie snapper and another two lenses for retina scanning and depth of retina. This iris scanner can be used for various purposes like unlocking the device and locking the third party apps for privacy purpose. It will be worth mentioning that there will be a fingerprint scanner too.

Samsung Note 7 will come with a bezel less and curved display on both sides with a size of 5.7” or 5.8”. It comes with 6GB of RAM there maybe two versions Exynos 8893 or Snapdragon 821. By looking at another picture you can see that note will come with all new Grace UX interface which runs Android Nougat (7.0).USB Type-C port conformid.

Samsung Note 7 going to release on August 2nd this year. Further updates and leaked specs of Note 7 state tuned to our site.


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