Wednesday, 3 August 2016

First look of Iris Scanner working in Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Iris scanner this system is making the Next Note 7 as much anticipated phablet of 2016. Whenever you read an article about Note 7 there must be a topic about the iris scanner. Some people wondering how it works is it possible introduce this system in to mobiles, so for those the following two pictures will give perfect answer.

The newly leaked pictures of iris scanner shows how to unlocking the device.

From the first picture we can observe that the device have to be placed at shoulder level height from a distance of 25 to 35 CM and you have to see towards the two circles on the display two unlock the device.

Second picture will give you information about secondary unlocking options in case iris scanner doesn’t works. The secondary unlocking options will be according to your choice like Fingerprint, pin or pattern.

Here you can find First hands on review of Galaxy Note 7.

If you are wondering how the entire iris scanner system will work inside the device here is the article for you how Samsung’s Note 7 iris scanner works?


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