Wednesday, 3 August 2016

New Note 7 teaser from samsung confirmed couple of specifications.

Here the first official teaser of the Note 7 is here and it is conforming some of the specifications about the device which is going to be launch in august 2nd this year.

This video revealed that it comes with fingerprint scanner and some hints like girl taking a Selfie with front cam a lamp lights her face that may be hint that it will come with front facing flash or like apple display will go to max brightness while taking Selfie to give good lighting at low light conditions. Some old phones dropped under water it will give us a hint on IP68 certification this feature is introducing in note device for the first time. Some sketches used to colour some lines in books so it may be hint for new features in s-pen and finally a number count starts from 0 to 5 with question mark 6? And fallowing frame suggest that NO, in invitation Samsung confirmed that net note will be called as Note 7 not Note 6. We have to wait until august 2nd to get the full specs of the device.

First hands on review of Galaxy Note 7.


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