Wednesday, 3 August 2016

How Note 7 Iris scanner works?

Samsung is trying to introduce iris scanner in their mobile phones, finally they are introducing this iris scanner in this year’s company’s much awaited mobile Galaxy Note 7. There was a rumour in the time of s7 release that it will come with iris scanner but on the release date it disappointed the Samsung fans by not having it. But this disappointment will not repeat in case of Note 7 because leaked front panel shows three sensors in the top of front panel, as you can see in below image.

Patently mobile recently published an article about how Samsung’s iris scanner works. According to this article iris scanner system consists of 3 lenses one is image processing system other one is iris recognition system and final one is lighting device. The first lens will be narrow angle lens for capturing the eye of the user, second lens will be wide angle lens which captures the face of the user and the finally iris recognition system will process the image and unlock the device. If the iris of the person doesn’t recognized then there will be a voice message from the device.

The long awaited iris scanner security system soon will be on note 7 we wish it could work well and we have to wait and see how it works.
Note 7 is going to release in august 2 officially announced by samsung.

 First hands on review of Galaxy Note 7.

Pros and cons of Iris scanner :

  •  You can unlock your device by just looking at it.
  •  You don’t need to enter pin, password and pattern to unlock your devices.
  •  You can also lock your Samsung pay and your apps with iris scanner.

  • We have to see how it works under lo light conditions.
  • Hence it is going to introduce for the first time in mobile so we cannot expect 100% result from it.


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