Thursday, 20 October 2016

Boom! OnePlus Dash for Diwali offers.

One plus recently started online store in india, So company is Now selling their Products for just one Rupee to be eligible for this offer click on the following link and follow the steps, If you are lucky enough you can win one plus 3 for just one rupee. This sale will be conducted on 24th to 26th October.
Boom! OnePlus Dash for Diwali #OnePlusDiwaliDash

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Friday, 14 October 2016

Top 6 alternatives for Note 7 In the market.

Note 7 is arguably the best phablet of this year but now Note 7 is a history, if you are searching for a best alternative for Not 7 here the list of phones you should consider while you are looking for a new one. When you are thinking to buy a Note device you’re defiantly looking for a bigger device with 5.5” display all this phone cannot compete with Note 7 But they are good alternatives for it.

Galaxy S7 Edge:

Samsung’s current flagship phone S7 edge comes with almost identical specs but with few exceptions like it doesn’t have stylus and iris scanner which are in Note 7. The device also comes with powerful hardware like snapdragon 820, 4GB RAM and 32/64GB expandable storage. Camera unit used in Note 7 and S7 edge is same, 12MP Dual Pixel unit which takes perfect photos in daylight and low light conditions, front facing unit also same as Note 7 which is a 5MP sensor. Samsung also increased the production of S7 edge, if you are coming from Note 7 Samsung giving you special offers. Samsung also introducing new Carl blue color to Samsung Galaxy S7 edge series. 

Google Pixel XL:

Google ditched nexus series this year and introduced to new mobiles Pixel and pixel XL, in terms of specifications both devices comes with same hardware and software except display size Pixel comes with 5.1” and Pixel XL comes with 5.5” display. If you want to taste the pure android experience this is the one for you, both devices comes with Android 7.1 out of the box. This device is powered by snapdragon 820 chipset and 4GB RAM with 32/128GB of flash storage no storage expansion, but google offering unlimited cloud storage to high quality pictures and 4K videos which are taken in pixel devices. 12MP main Camera will be the stand out performer in present flagship phones, it scored 89 points in Dxomark test and beaten all the flagship devices in the market right now and is capable of recording 4K videos with EIS. Google Pixel XL will be defiantly best choice.

Apple IPhone 7 Plus:

Want to try other than android iPhone 7 plus is here it is the mote powerful iPhone ever made by apple till now. 7 plus is powered by A10 fusion chip with 3GB RAM and 32/128/256GB memory options, It comes with iOS 10. Camera unit comes with dual 12MP camera lens which is capable of recording 4K videos and front facing unit comes with 7MP sensor. The biggest step taken by apple in iPhone 7 devices is removing 3.5MM jack. If you want to upgrade from 6S plus it is not the one for you is you what an alternative for Note 7 then Apple IPhone 7 Plus will be the one for you.

Xperia XZ:

If you can adjust with 5.2” display XZ will be the good one for you. This new Sony flagship is powered by snapdragon 820 chip with 3GB RAM 32/64GB expandable storage. A decent 23MP camera and 13MP front camera to take care of Selfie. Device also comes with IP68 certification for water and dust resistance.

Note 5:

If you are one of them who still want to use Note series you can go for the Note 5. It is powered by Exynos chipset 4GB RAM and 32/64/128GB inbuilt storage. 5.7” HD display, it can’t replace the note 7 but Note 7 will be a good choice.

LG V20:

This updated version of V10 have some similarities with Note 7. Under the hood it has a snapdragon 820 with 4GB RAM and 32/64GB ROM with memory expansion. Rear camera comes with 16/8MP Dual camera set up which is capable of recording 4K videos with OIS. 3.5MM jack is not just a headphone connector it offers lots of audio enhancements like 24/32 bit audio etc. The main feature of V20 is that it comes with a secondary display on top, this display comes with some of the shot cuts like flash light, Wi-Fi activation and camera button etc. This secondary display also have always on feature. It also has a Removable 3200mAH Battery.

These are the best phones in the market right now which are good alternatives for Note 7, If you know any other devices let us know in the comment section below.

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Thursday, 13 October 2016

No more Note 7 samsung permanently stopped production and sales.

Samsung permanently gave up on Note 7, the final recall is on the way. Samsung doesn’t find the reason why the device is exploding company is suggesting Note 7 customers to stop using the device. Samsung also increased the production of S7 edge, it may not replace the Note 7 but Samsung wants to recover the damage that done By Note 7, Samsung also adding a new coral blue colour to S7.

Note 7 costed $17 Billion dollars to Samsung from the time of it's launch. The first recall alone costed around $1.7 Million dollars. After recall Samsung launched over 2.5 Million devices worldwide. Now Samsung want to get back every Note 7 it sold, customers who bought Note 7 is getting safety box from Samsung which is fireproof, customer have to put the device as instructed by Samsung. This box will ensure that device will won’t damage while shipping, But some loyal samsung fans want to keep their Note 7 with them, so we have to wait and see what samsung will do.
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Monday, 10 October 2016

Samsung halted Note 7 sales another global recall on the way?

Things not going well for Samsung in the case of note 7 even after global recall. Samsung permanently halted the production and sales of Note 7. Samsung want to find out the issue which causing the device to aver heat and exploding, until Samsung finds the solution there will be no Note 7 in the market. Samsung permanently halted Note 7 sales in Netherlands and other countries will follow soon. Biggest mobile carriers in the U.S like T-Mobile and AT & T also suspended exchanging and sales of the device.

Samsung made a global recall of Note 7 because of exploding issue, this caused Samsung whooping amount of 1.2 billion dollars for shipment. Samsung taught that the shipped devices will work without any problem. Few days after shipment one Note 7 caught fire on a plain the entire plain is evacuated immediately and another incident were reported in Taiwan while the user is walking on road. Here the video which recorded while Note 7 caught fire.
New report suggest that there will be another Global Recall for Note 7 is on the way from Samsung, let’s hope for the best this time.

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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Best Note 7 Accessories you should Buy.

Samsung Relaunched Note 7 after global recall and it available in stores so it is the right time to find the best accessories available for your Note 7. Samsung also offers some official accessories and there also some third party accessories you should buy which are available in the market.

Wireless charger:

Samsung Wireless Charging Stand US Version ($41.99):

Note 7 supports wireless charging, but Samsung won’t give you wireless charge when you purchase Note 7 you have to purchase it separately. It offers fast charging and you can also charge other Samsung devices which supports fast charging, check it out in

Seneo Fast Wireless Charger ($19.99):

Seneo wireless charger offers same functionality’s and it available for half of the price of the Samsung’s charger. It also comes with fast charging capabilities and charges all the devices which supports wireless charging, see it on

Choetech Dual USB Car Charger ($15):

Best car charger available in the market charges two devices simultaneously. It supports quick charge 3.0 and comes with USB type-c cable, check it out here.

Power Bank:

Samsung Note 7 comes with a big 3500mAh battery, but you never knew when your battery will go out of juice so keep a backup power bank with to get extra battery power.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Wireless Charging Battery Cover ($50):

This external battery comes with a capacity of 3100mAh, which delivers a 1A output. This also comes with ip68 rating. It has four LED indicators which shows how much power left. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Wireless Charging Battery Cover is the best wireless accessory you could add to your Note 7.

Alegant Note 7 Battery Case ($35):

It comes with whooping 5000mAh battery, also available in multiple colours. This case doesn’t come with wireless charging support and has LED indicator to indicate battery capacity. If you want more power at less price you should go for Alegant Note 7 Battery Case.


You always need protection to your device because you never know when you drop your phone accidentally or some else drops it, so it’s always good to have protected. Protect your device by shock proof cases which are available under $10.

Holster Dual Layer Case ($9):

This a rugged case for your Note 7 which is available in multiple colours. It has an attachment back which would be used to clip this to your belt and you may use it as a stand while you are watching videos. Holster Dual Layer Case is a good buy under $10.

Supcase Premium Hybrid Protective Clear Case ($16):

If you love looks then ruggedness then this is the one for you, edges of this case is made by shockproof materials and back with high quality glass. Supcase Premium Hybrid Protective Clear Case is available in multiple colours options.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 Keyboard Cover ($36):

If you are uncomfortable with touchscreen typing then buy this physical key board designed by Samsung. It also comes with a back cover and it is easy to detach when eve you want. Samsung Galaxy Note7 Keyboard Cover is only available in black colour.

Samsung Gear IconX ($199):

Nowadays we can’t do anything without listening music if you are the one who hates wires and stuff these are the ones for you and it comes with loads of features like heart rate sensor how much distances you covered by running it will collect all of this information display on app. You may want to try other Bluetooth headphones if your budget is around $200 just go for these headphones. Samsung Gear IconX are available in multiple colour options and sweat resistance too.

Gear fit 2:

It’s a watch and it’s your personal fitness tracker. If your phone is in your pocket or at a distance with gear fit you can respond to notifications, calls and texts. Gear fit 2 is available in multiple colours.

Gear 360°($349):

Here the best Note 7 accessory to play with. Gear 360° is a Samsung’s camera which can record videos snap pictures in 360°. It comes with two wide angle camera lens both of them record same time you have to combine those video clips in software provided by Samsung. If you are social media addict then get a Gear 360° and show off with your 360° pictures and videos.

Memory Card:

Off course Note 7 comes with 64GB but with a camera capable of 4K video recording you never knew when it will be out of storage so it’s always good to have a backup storage. Samsung specially designed a memory card EVO 256GB with faster data rates for Note 7, you can also go for other memory cards shown below.

Samsung EVO 32GB Class 10 Micro SDHC Card with Adapter.

So what are you waiting for just busy these accessories and enjoy with your Note 7.

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Monday, 3 October 2016

Samsung Re-Launched Note 7 Globally its time for Re Birth of The Phablet.

Samsung re launched their Note 7 yesterday and saying that it won’t have battery issues like previous batch of Note 7 devices. We all knew that some of the Note 7s are exploding and some heating issue due to faulty batteries. So Samsung made global recall of the device and replaced them with new ones, Samsung claims that over 1 million secure devices are shifted worldwide. This is the reason why Samsung has re launched worldwide again. The device will be release in India before Diwali.

Note 7 will now give some serious competition to recently released iPhone 7 and 7 plus. The iPhone 7 is getting mixed responses because it looks same as iPhone 6 and there is no major changes in the hardware also except iPhone 7 plus comes with Dual camera lens and 3GB of RAM. So global recall may not affect the sales of Samsung Note 7.

When it comes to specifications Note 7 Comes with 5.7 inch qHD SAMOLED display, IP68 certification, 4GB RAM and 3500mAh battery. A 12MP Dual pixel camera with dual led flash and 5MP front cam, Iris scanner.

Lets see Note 7 will survive or not this time.

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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

See the working of iris scanner in this short video.

Unveiling of Note 7 is few days from now, when we talk about the device we defiantly talk about the iris scanner makes it as much anticipated device this year, because this is going to introduce in the Note 7 for the first time in a mobile device. Recently leaked video shows us how to unlocking process of the device with iris scanner and it was pretty quick. We know that iris scanner.

Here the 4sec video that shows us how to unlock the device, you need to wake up the device with power button and a screen will pop up it will shows when It appears you can unlock the device by looking at it else you can enter a pattern lock, if you want to unlock the device with iris scanner you need to keep the device 25-35 cm away from you at shoulder height.

There is also some screen shots leaked they confirmed that Note 7 will come with 4GB RAM and there will be 6GB RAM version too. We already know some of the specifications like it comes with 5.7” Super AMOLED display, 12 Dual pixel and 5MP front camera, Snapdragon 820 chipset and 3500mAh battery with Qualcomm Quick charge 3.0. previously it said to be come with 4000mAh battery.

First hands on review of Galaxy Note 7.
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